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Gold Nanoparticles

Gold nanoparticles, have attracted so much attention to both academic and industrial level for their unique optical properties, deriving from localized-surface plasmon resonance, which is related to their shape and size, spatial organization and environment. By well validated bottom-up procedures we are able to synthesize gold nanoparticles (but also silica nanoparticles!) with different shape, size and covering agent ( surfactants, polymers, silica, luminescent molecules etc.) . All our products are homogenous in terms of shape and size. After the synthetic procedure the samples are purified by centrifuge and characterized by spectroscopy UV-Vis and TEM. Our nanoparticles are the ideal starting point for applications and experimentation in various fields of science like catalysis, sensors, biomedicine, diagnostic, electro-optical devices.
We offer you a vast nanoparticles collection. Choose the type of product you prefer from the options available, but do not hesitate asking for any more, maybe we could meet your request!

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